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Program Goals

The IPA Mentorship Program will encourage development of strong Mentor-Mentee relationships between volunteer mentor pharmacists in diverse practice settings and mentees at varying levels of realization of a Pharmacy career. The program goal is to benefit the mentee by providing a practicing Pharmacist Role Model and to benefit Mentor Pharmacists by providing an opportunity to nurture future Pharmacists.


The Coordinator pairs each Mentee with an appropriate Mentor and provides the structure under which this program operates. They are also responsible for receiving feedback from each of them and providing resources for conflict resolution, training and development. The Mentee drives the program by communicating his/her goals and challenges to the Mentor. The Mentor works with the Mentee to identify goals, acts as a role model and provides feedback to keep the program on track.

Application Process

Student membership is required to participate in this program.  Join Today!  To apply for the Mentorship program, please send an email to Suzy Patell, ipamentor@ipacalifornia.com.  Please provide your full name, the name of your Pharmacy School, year of graduation, telephone number and preferred e-mail address.

Role of Mentor

  • To initiate a discussion of the mentee’s study requirements.    
  • To provide positive and constructive feedback.    
  • To identify areas of personal and professional development.    
  • To practice essential mentoring skills such as active listening and questioning techniques.    
  • To leverage the diverse IP A membership to customize the best possible experience for the mentee.    
  • To provide feedback to the IPA Coordinator.

Role of Mentee

  • To determine the capacity and scope of the mentoring connection.    
  • To take the initiative to ask for help or advice and to tackle more challenging assignments.    
  • To use active listening skills.   
  • To ask for specific guidance and advice on goals.    
  • To take the initiative in seeking feedback.   
  • To prepare to move beyond the mentoring connection, once it has served its purpose.

Role of Coordinator

  • To administer the program by arranging meetings, setting performance, expectations, evaluating the program and planning improvements.    
  • To facilitate Mentor-Mentee pairings and agreements.    
  • To provide training and resources to Mentors and Mentees.    
  • To resolve any conflicts arising from scheduling problems or mismatches.

Time Commitment

To be determined by each Mentor-Mentee pair along with the Coordinator.


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